7 Tips for Effective Muscle Growth

Can you increase the volume of your muscles when you use only the weight of your own body?

When you want to gain muscle, it is necessary to bite your muscles with a higher load. Give them the right impulse. There are actually three main mechanisms that cause muscle growth.

  • Muscle tension
  • Muscle damage
  • Metabolic stress

You will not get a slight burden. Therefore, a heavy load is recommended, with the number of repetitions being between 8 and 12 (that is, the number of repetitions you perform in the series before you run into failure). You can read more about how to gain muscle at http://www.fitnessmarketingsos.com.

It is clear that you are gaining momentum and exercises are easier for you – you can handle them much more in the series. What was a great burden for your muscles was just a little warm up for you at one time. When you practice with a dumbbell, you will simply go to the harder one. The muscle gets another boost to boost and enlarge the volume.

What if you use only the weight of your own body? Sure, you could have a backpack with a load on your back, but it will not be a weight-training exercise anymore.

It is true that when you use the “mere” load of your own body you are limited and you do not get the dimensions of a bodybuilder. But I assume that most runners do not want a mega volume and want a “just” drawn athletic figure and maybe bigger biceps :-). And for that, the weight of the body itself is sufficient – there are many ways to increase the intensity of exercise with the weight of the body.

7 Ways to Increase Intensity When Exercising Body Weight


1. Change the angle

There’s probably no need to disassemble this. Supporters of TRX exercises certainly know exactly what I’m talking about. By setting the angle to the ground, you determine how many percent of your weight you use during the load.

If you do not use any hanging system, just use a chair, bench or some gymball.

An example is a classic click:

click-1click-3click-22. Unbalance the balance unevenly

There is no difficulty in transferring weight to one or the other limb in handles or chins. The hand does not reach 50% but shifts 70%.


shyb-nerovnomerneGradually, you can work out to do the exercise with just one hand. Or you can handle so-called squats – squats on one leg.

pistol-squat-wodcrusher_large3. Slow down

Can you make ten clicks? Super !! And do you manage the ten knobs, although you will count slowly up to five in each phase up and down? That’s harder. The so-called prolonged time under tension increases protein synthesis and significantly accelerates muscle growth.

The speed of movement and the exercise rhythm affect how muscles are involved and what effect the exercise will have.

images-9When talking about contraction of the muscle, it is good to remember that there is a   concentrated contraction  (muscle contraction), eccentric  contraction (muscle stretching) and isometric contraction when the length of the muscle does not change, but tension changes (eg biceps, not moving).

A number of scientific studies have shown that when concentric and eccentric part of the exercise takes 5 to 6 seconds, protein synthesis increases by a third more than when each phase lasts only one second.

Most people tend to “snap” off the stage when gravity is helping us – for example, when shaking down (eccentric contraction). However, the time when the muscle works under tension and the muscle growth is not as effective.

shybyYou can extend your muscle load even with isometric contraction – let the muscle get tightened after exercise.

4. Reduce pauses

The length of the interval between exercises is another thing that significantly influences the physiological response of our body.

When you change the rest period between the series, you will significantly affect the formation of metabolic waste and also the formation of hormones. If you are going to gain strength training, it will be important for your muscles to have enough time to recover. Pauses will be long – two to three minutes, depending on the size of the muscle. But when it comes to muscle volume (hypertrophy), pauses must be short (only a minute, with smaller muscles for only 45 seconds).

bug-strengthening5. Increase the number of series

Another way to step up your training is to add a number of series. While the beginner is only 2 or 3 series, the more advanced they can handle 5 or more.

shyb6. Test the drop set

Drop set is mainly used for better blood circulation in the muscles. As a result, the muscle can grow better.

How to do it: Practice the classic series of some heavier exercise and, on completion, you will immediately go to a series of lighter exercises on the same muscle. By lifting dumbbells it would mean you just take 20 instead of 14 pounds and only 7 pounds in the next series. When exercising with a body weight, you can also use a change in the angle when exercising or distributing the load.

As an example, we can take the exercise on the shoulders

First practice a series of handles in the stand, then move to the shoulders when you have your feet on the bench and then you can put the lightest variation of the exercise – your legs and hands on the ground.

click-in-standshoulders-2shoulders-1Perhaps there is no need to remind you that demanding variants of exercises will only be advanced, beginners will choose exercises according to what they can do.

Here are two examples of how such drop sets can look like.

The upper half of the body

The lower half of the body

7. Focus on muscle work

When moving, pay your attention to the exercised muscle. Imagine how it grows and grows. Visualization is a powerful helper and nothing stands for you🙂

When you give your muscles an impulse to grow, remember that muscles grow only when you give them enough nutrients and time to regenerate . Do not rely on any miraculous accessories. BCAA, creatine, NO boosters can help with muscle building, but only if you have a quality meal all day long and you use the anabolic window to the maximum after training.

If you do not really incorporate fast sugars and proteins (or even do not know what it is :-)), or if you do not provide enough vitamin, minerals and sleep for the body, unfortunately, you start catabolic processes and the hours spent training will not bring you any effect.


7 Rules for Slim Legs

Are you trying to run your legs? Let’s tell you how to avoid the most common mistakes.

“Heeeeeelp, while exercising and running my fat legs !! I’m sporting to lose weight, and instead, I can not get stuck in the pants I had before. “That’s how it sounds like the ladies’ lamentations, which decided to make lean legs with regular jogging.

If you have a similar affliction, I can calm you down: by running and exercising your legs, NEVER EVER will become fainted (I mean they will not have a larger layer of fat).

The truth is that by running your legs you can increase (especially in strength training) – the volume of muscle mass increases. If you have a poor diet and you do not burn fat, then you have to think that your thighs (and sometimes calves) do not jump into your tight trousers.

Generally speaking, the problems with the thighs and hips are mainly pear- shaped people (mostly women) – narrower shoulders, relatively narrow waist, rounded hips and thicker thighs and calves. Fat is saved from the waist down and, unfortunately, tends to stick to the owner / lick.

Little consolation can be the fact that the fat in this area is not as dangerous for the health as the abdomen
 . But the feeling of “let’s do what I do, does not hurt the same centimeters,” demotivates man and he wants to quench everything.

But do not throw the grain into the grain. It just wants to start doing a few things differently and the results will come.

Mainly keep running. Running is a great helper. Just follow several principles.


1 Properly designed menu  is the basis

Slim legs, just like bellies, “do” in the kitchen. Here, in particular, the result is 80% of the meal and only 20% of the exercise. 
The basis is therefore a diet adapted to the body to burn fat efficiently and to build muscle if it is deficient.

The key is to supply the body with plenty of protein, timely carbohydrates, and overall fitness training and day-to-day activities.

If you give me a fast food sugar (and it can be a healthy-looking smoothie stuffed with fruit) while sitting and doing nothing, the body stores the unused energy into the fats. If you give the same drink after a hard workout, you add the glycogen stock in your body and help your body regenerate.

A lot of girls are focusing on cardio to burn fat as much as possible. But if they have a bad diet set, they do not even get into their fat stores.

Sports nutrition is not difficult to understand – it is about mastering the basic knowledge of what the food contains and supplies to the body (sugars, proteins, fats …). A little bit of orientation in the training zones, and then you can use the sources of slow carbohydrates for your purpose, or at the right time you can get fast protein.

In daily exercise, I see people who sweat blood a couple of times a week in an effort to lose weight, but literally squeezing a killer diet. It is often not the biggest problem in calories but in the wrong timing of individual macros.

So if you have chaos in what you eat, I recommend some time to devote little self-education. I know dozens of people who are desperate for hours in fitness, but years have no results. What is their surprise when he finds out that it was just enough to put together the menu.

If you want really comprehensive information, not just to know how calories are calculated, I recommend the Sport Nutrition Course where you can get information on what to eat before training and after training, whether you want to lose weight or build muscles, which sports supplements (whether purchased or natural) really work and which do not matter.

2 Breathing and plenty of clean water

In order for the body to burn fat, it needs enough oxygen and water. Breathe properly and drink enough. It seems so obvious, nothing is worth it, and yet (or that is why) most people cough about it.

Do you want to lose fat effectively? Then make sure that you have at least 1 liter of water within a sufficient drinking regime (from a total of 2 to 3 liters of fluid). Pure water, without added ingredients, not only hydrates you, it also helps with detoxification.

And learn to breathe properly . When you are almost choking when running or exercising, you can hardly count on aerobic burning fat supplies.

3 Fat burning zone

It’s no secret that the fat is best burned during aerobic exercise . The condition that the body burns mainly fats, not sugars, is the well-defined aerobic zone – the heart rate for this training zone.

The problem is that the vast majority of people do not know how high the heart rate they should run to make the body go for energy in fats and not in sugars. This is just one test of the lactate curve and one knows exactly what it is. You can read more about the correct heartbeat settings here: Lactate curve


Another condition for the body to start burning fat stores is the exhaustion of sugar in the blood. You can do this either by not taking up sugars at some point in advance of aerobic training, or by exhausting any sugars by force. So, if you want to combine strength and cardio, then initiate a first exercise exercise when enough blood sugar allows you to perform the exercises well , and then with depleted sugar, you can start burning fats immediately.

4 Strengthening

Muscle building
 is necessary for body shaping. But you have to keep in mind two things.

  • The first is that strengthening a particular body part does not mean you lose that part. You can not influence the place where your fat will dwindle, and where you want to lose it, it usually disappears as the last one. Example: you run, strengthen your legs, make squats, runs …. and instead of fat on the thighs, the breasts will disappear …. That’s the bad news. You need to be patient and  reduce the fat overall (see Nutrition and Cardio above). It will also happen from the waist down … … to endure.
  • The good news is that you can influence the  growth of specific muscles. And this should be used for the optical shaping of the whole figure.

For the figure that gains from the waist down it is usually necessary to work on the increase of the mass on the upper half of the body or the buttocks. The weak hands, abdomen and back will accentuate even more distinct legs. When you increase the volume of muscle in the upper half of your body, you can increase your overall metabolism, lose weight more quickly, and most of all optically deliver a “stronger bottom”.

If your legs too much muscle (As with most runners legs are sufficiently reinforced) and need a circumference of thighs cut and in terms of muscles and legs either just after jogging Stretch, or if you want to firm up and give precedence  exercises without the burden of a larger the number of reps.

It means omit strength exercises such as squats or bursts of loads, jump, run of stairs, hills, etc. This recommendation applies especially to endomorphs, people who take up muscle and fat quickly and, of course, more for women than for men).

For the upper half of the body (back, shoulders, abdomen, triceps, men, of course, even biceps …), you can choose a heavier burden with a smaller number of repetitions.

In the following articles, you’ll find the best exercises on the upper body:

For gluteal muscles, it is a good practice to tear up the boot and recline with your legs curled to disable leg muscles and “not pull” hamstrings.

5 Food supplements

The vast majority of people choose a variety of burners (l-cartnitin, thermoboosters …) to choose from for sports supplements.

They can sometimes help with the start of metabolism, but it is much more effective to use quality protein drinks. And especially after strength training, it may be useful when you want to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and fats. Proteins are nothing but a source of fast protein. If you put them right after exercise, they can more effectively help regenerate and build muscle.

Remember, however, that protein is not a substitute for a varied diet, and if you do not have enough high-quality protein throughout the day, one protein shake will not tear you off.

If you choose to buy combustion products, please choose carefully. People often buy only overpriced chilli, caffeine and green tea extract.

In case you want to reach L-carnitine , prefer liquid form . Only L-carnitine salts (L-carnitine HCl, L-carnitine fumarate, L-carnitine magnesia citrate) containing only 40-80% of the active substance are in the form of tablets or capsules. Absorbance in crystalline forms is also slower. The effective amount of L-carnitine is up to about 1000mg . Lower quantities are often added purely for advertising purposes. Ideal is taking L-carnitine either in the morning before breakfast or 30 minutes before the exercise .

Many remote runners and people who want to lose weight underestimate the use of amino acids . It’s not just a BCAA, but a blend that increases the use of fat in aerobic activities . Their use is also suitable for people who do not want to raise their blood sugar levels before exercise, but they do not just do it fast.

6 How to speed up metabolism

If you want fast burning, it’s not enough just to build muscle. The basis is mainly a  well-functioning digestive tract, a varied diet with plenty of probiotics and pulp (sour products and vegetables).

Only then can you take advantage of the effect of a variety of plants that speed metabolism, reduce appetite and promote fat burning .

Many of these herbs also have detoxifying effects, so you will also benefit your health. The best ones are nettles, berries, stoves, mat tea or puerh , or can be successfully used with guarana, schizandra or garcinii.

7 No smile will not work

When we summarize this, the basis is to adjust the diet, at least 3 times a week, to go to cardia, and ideally to 2x to 3 times a week to strengthen. None of the above will work if you are in stress and you do not give your body space for regeneration and plenty of rest.

If the emotions and stress are clouded with you, the fat burning body will block and your effort will be unnecessary. Stress hormones simply will not allow the body to get into fat.

And while you’re not laughing, try to smile . It sounds strange, but according to Professor RB Zajonka, we do not mirror the current mood, but we create it directly.

You have about 80 muscles on your face that you can use right now to create a good mood. FAKE IT, YOU DO IT (Just pretend until it happens).

Smile not only improves the psyche and makes us more attractive, but also strengthens the immune system by reducing cortisol. According to scientific research, the smile can extend your life for up to seven years. And you lose weight as a bonus 🙂

Chair Of Death Will Test Your Butt Muscles

This exercise will not kill you, but it definitely strengthens and tests your gluteus on maximum.

Large buttock muscle is one of the most important pelvic region stabilizers. Without it, you can just forget about the proper jogging technique.


The weak gluteal muscles will not allow you to pull back your thigh and jump in the hip.

You will bounce off, but you will not finish the movement properly. You will stay in it.

Although gluteal muscles should automatically engage in walking and running, it is often not the case. The work takes the muscles on the back of the thigh. This is a fairly unpleasant message for anyone trying to form their background.

buttocks caption

If you want to test your buttocks correctly, try the following exercise, which is used by Jay Dicharry, physiotherapist and author of Anatomy for Runners  (a great book for all runners who want to improve the technique and fine-tune various muscular problems).

Jay Dicharry uses the  “chair of death test” to diagnose and train elite athletes.

Dicharry noticed that people who are unable to cope with this exercise are always far behind their center of gravity when running. 
And without eliminating muscle imbalance and proper buttocking, they are unable to properly adjust the step.


Chair of death

Do not be mistaken by the fact that the exercise looks simple enough in the picture. Most people take a moment to get the right muscles (if any of the gluteal muscles at all).

deadly chairs

How to do it

Take a longer stick (you can use a broom handle, for example). The rod should touch the spine as shown (from the coccyx to the middle of the occipital part of the head). Stand up to the chair so the knees touch the chair. Then run down into the squat (like sitting in the toilet :-)).

The rod should remain fully attached along its length, and the knees should touch the chair, not move it. If you are not able to go down at least to the level as you see it in the picture, and your knees pull you down while doing the exercise, then your buttocks do not work properly. The movement of your thigh muscles.

If you do the exercise correctly, you will clearly see how the ass assumes. The difference between the joining of the muscles in the classic squat and the squatting of the lethal chair is noticeable.

If you practice the exercise, try repeating it 10 times. Gradually try working on 3 series at least twice a week.

When you find that your buttocks do not work as they should, try concentrating on buttocks and regularly pushing your soles to work.

The best buttock training exercises can be found in the Hydration article  as the most powerful jogging drive .


Best Exercises With a Chair

chair excercies

To strengthen the whole body, you can do it with an ordinary chair and table.

Do not be afraid, we do not want to impose some sessions for you. The following exercises will make your body work hard.

Before you start

But before you head for training, make sure your furniture is stable enough and in good shape to keep your feet under your weight.

At the beginning of the exercise do not forget to warm up and move the stiff joints.

You can repeat the selected exercises 10 -15 times in one series and then try to work through three series for each exercise.


Bulgarian squats

Heavy variant – Bulgarian squats with a jump

On one leg

Strengthening triceps

classic triceps handles

option with raised leg



If you need to strengthen the trapezium, deltoid muscle and the three-headed arm muscle, you can try a more demanding variant of the so-called pike push-up

Knee pulling


Ties using the table

Even at the table, you can dangle – you can try a variety of grip variations.

For towels you can also use a towel and combine it with lifting your feet.

Anyone who wants to try out but does not have a suitable table can use two chairs and a common broom.

And finally, a little inspiration about how this practice with chairs looks in practice🙂

Forget The Dumbbells – You Need a Rubber Belt For This Whole Body Training

Whether you want to gain muscle, shape a figure or just stretch – resisting rubbers are a great helper that you will not be bored with.

You still hear it around: training must be variable, gradually increasing the load, you must surprise your muscles. But who does it have to make up for it to be different so that the burden is up? And the use of rubber belts can help you considerably.

resisting rubber

Rubber belt is one of my most popular exercise aids. In the current range of fitness shops you will find plenty of different resistance gums, expanders, THERA-BANDS, small RUBBERBANDS (so-called “welders”) or tube-shaped tubing.



The advantage of resisting gums is that you practice the entire body with them, and they are storage and easy to carry. Everyone who does not want to dig up metal dumbbells at home or likes to train outdoors is appreciated.

They are a great helper when starting a body weight training, they can help with stretching and use them for compensatory exercises or rehabilitation.

rehabAnd they are unique even when you want the body to surprise more. Yes, using rubber belts, you can give the whole body a good deal. It is not long ago that this aid is intended only for girls in aerobics.

There are plenty of types of resistance gums with different resistance in the range of stores. Gums with less resistance you use for stretching or endurance training, those with high resistance are designed for demanding strength exercises, or you can use them as a tool in shaving exercises,

I recommend buying at least two or three rubber with different stiffness. Not all muscles are just as strong. It is a good one with a high resistance, which you can use for large muscle groups and even shuffle training. You can use one or two of less resistance to this – these are designed for smaller muscles or for compensatory exercises.


You must also decide for the length of the belt. The general recommendation is as follows:

  • arm exercises and upper body halves – 1.2 – 1.5m
  • total exercise with lower limbs – 2.5m
  • rehabilitation exercise (physiotherapy) – 5.5m

In addition to given lengths, some rubber can also be bought in meters. When you buy the whole package, you just cut at home the lengths that suits you.

Other belt accessories such as handles, handles, anchors, etc. can also be purchased.


Before you buy the gum, think about what you want to use. For example, if you want to use it as a shingle aid, you can hardly have a thin latex band that is designed for aerobics.

It is good to talk to someone about what resistance will be right for you. If you want to get a little bit of a look at what and how, look at fitham.cz, where you can find not only what is being produced , but you also clarify what resistance you need and how to take into account its weight and performance.

I can also recommend you shyby.com , where you have a few helpful tips on how to choose and there is the opportunity to buy quality rubber at affordable prices.


A stack of the best exercises to practice the whole body







Breast musclescross over
breast muscle


back flyew




Legs and buttocks

standing up

lying in bed


And finally, a great video with the top ten exercises to make sure with your own eyes that the rubber bands will get stuck with soaked borches.

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