Best Exercises With a Chair

chair excercies

To strengthen the whole body, you can do it with an ordinary chair and table.

Do not be afraid, we do not want to impose some sessions for you. The following exercises will make your body work hard.

Before you start

But before you head for training, make sure your furniture is stable enough and in good shape to keep your feet under your weight.

At the beginning of the exercise do not forget to warm up and move the stiff joints.

You can repeat the selected exercises 10 -15 times in one series and then try to work through three series for each exercise.


Bulgarian squats

Heavy variant – Bulgarian squats with a jump

On one leg

Strengthening triceps

classic triceps handles

option with raised leg



If you need to strengthen the trapezium, deltoid muscle and the three-headed arm muscle, you can try a more demanding variant of the so-called pike push-up

Knee pulling


Ties using the table

Even at the table, you can dangle – you can try a variety of grip variations.

For towels you can also use a towel and combine it with lifting your feet.

Anyone who wants to try out but does not have a suitable table can use two chairs and a common broom.

And finally, a little inspiration about how this practice with chairs looks in practice🙂