Chair Of Death Will Test Your Butt Muscles

This exercise will not kill you, but it definitely strengthens and tests your gluteus on maximum.

Large buttock muscle is one of the most important pelvic region stabilizers. Without it, you can just forget about the proper jogging technique.


The weak gluteal muscles will not allow you to pull back your thigh and jump in the hip.

You will bounce off, but you will not finish the movement properly. You will stay in it.

Although gluteal muscles should automatically engage in walking and running, it is often not the case. The work takes the muscles on the back of the thigh. This is a fairly unpleasant message for anyone trying to form their background.

buttocks caption

If you want to test your buttocks correctly, try the following exercise, which is used by Jay Dicharry, physiotherapist and author of Anatomy for Runners  (a great book for all runners who want to improve the technique and fine-tune various muscular problems).

Jay Dicharry uses the  “chair of death test” to diagnose and train elite athletes.

Dicharry noticed that people who are unable to cope with this exercise are always far behind their center of gravity when running. 
And without eliminating muscle imbalance and proper buttocking, they are unable to properly adjust the step.


Chair of death

Do not be mistaken by the fact that the exercise looks simple enough in the picture. Most people take a moment to get the right muscles (if any of the gluteal muscles at all).

deadly chairs

How to do it

Take a longer stick (you can use a broom handle, for example). The rod should touch the spine as shown (from the coccyx to the middle of the occipital part of the head). Stand up to the chair so the knees touch the chair. Then run down into the squat (like sitting in the toilet :-)).

The rod should remain fully attached along its length, and the knees should touch the chair, not move it. If you are not able to go down at least to the level as you see it in the picture, and your knees pull you down while doing the exercise, then your buttocks do not work properly. The movement of your thigh muscles.

If you do the exercise correctly, you will clearly see how the ass assumes. The difference between the joining of the muscles in the classic squat and the squatting of the lethal chair is noticeable.

If you practice the exercise, try repeating it 10 times. Gradually try working on 3 series at least twice a week.

When you find that your buttocks do not work as they should, try concentrating on buttocks and regularly pushing your soles to work.

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