Forget The Dumbbells – You Need a Rubber Belt For This Whole Body Training

Whether you want to gain muscle, shape a figure or just stretch – resisting rubbers are a great helper that you will not be bored with.

You still hear it around: training must be variable, gradually increasing the load, you must surprise your muscles. But who does it have to make up for it to be different so that the burden is up? And the use of rubber belts can help you considerably.

resisting rubber

Rubber belt is one of my most popular exercise aids. In the current range of fitness shops you will find plenty of different resistance gums, expanders, THERA-BANDS, small RUBBERBANDS (so-called “welders”) or tube-shaped tubing.



The advantage of resisting gums is that you practice the entire body with them, and they are storage and easy to carry. Everyone who does not want to dig up metal dumbbells at home or likes to train outdoors is appreciated.

They are a great helper when starting a body weight training, they can help with stretching and use them for compensatory exercises or rehabilitation.

rehabAnd they are unique even when you want the body to surprise more. Yes, using rubber belts, you can give the whole body a good deal. It is not long ago that this aid is intended only for girls in aerobics.

There are plenty of types of resistance gums with different resistance in the range of stores. Gums with less resistance you use for stretching or endurance training, those with high resistance are designed for demanding strength exercises, or you can use them as a tool in shaving exercises,

I recommend buying at least two or three rubber with different stiffness. Not all muscles are just as strong. It is a good one with a high resistance, which you can use for large muscle groups and even shuffle training. You can use one or two of less resistance to this – these are designed for smaller muscles or for compensatory exercises.


You must also decide for the length of the belt. The general recommendation is as follows:

  • arm exercises and upper body halves – 1.2 – 1.5m
  • total exercise with lower limbs – 2.5m
  • rehabilitation exercise (physiotherapy) – 5.5m

In addition to given lengths, some rubber can also be bought in meters. When you buy the whole package, you just cut at home the lengths that suits you.

Other belt accessories such as handles, handles, anchors, etc. can also be purchased.


Before you buy the gum, think about what you want to use. For example, if you want to use it as a shingle aid, you can hardly have a thin latex band that is designed for aerobics.

It is good to talk to someone about what resistance will be right for you. If you want to get a little bit of a look at what and how, look at, where you can find not only what is being produced , but you also clarify what resistance you need and how to take into account its weight and performance.

I can also recommend you , where you have a few helpful tips on how to choose and there is the opportunity to buy quality rubber at affordable prices.


A stack of the best exercises to practice the whole body







Breast musclescross over
breast muscle


back flyew




Legs and buttocks

standing up

lying in bed


And finally, a great video with the top ten exercises to make sure with your own eyes that the rubber bands will get stuck with soaked borches.

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